Money Back Guarantee

Money back guarantee

One special advantage you get with our services is the guarantee of having your money back. Our solid Money Back Guarantee provides you the right to request for a refund of your money at any time if anything goes amiss. There are a number of situations that could lead you to want your money back while we are working on your order. All though chances of wanting your money back as a result of failing on our part is indeed rare, we deem it right to have in place a reliable Money Back Guarantee policy nonetheless. This is primarily because we want you to have confidence in the safety of your money when placing an order with us. You are entitled to receive back your money for any of the reasons below.

Order cancellation
You may decide to cancel your paper before we have assigned it to a writer, which attracts a 100% refund. A refund of an already assigned order – confirmed at order’s status bar of your order page – will be determined by the deadline of the order itself. If our writer has been working on your order for half or less the total time of the order time, you are eligible for 70% refund. Canceling an order thereafter will earn you a maximum 50%. The rationale for this is that the writer working on your order will have to be compensated for the work done.
Please keep in mind that refunds do not apply to cancellation of completed orders delivered to your order page in due time. Such completed and duly delivered orders can only attract refund on quality related concerns. A partial refund of up to 30% may be considered if you have not downloaded the order and circumstances leading to its cancellation were outside your control.

Double payment of order

We will give you refund if comes to our attention that you were billed twice for a single order, and receive two receipts from our payment processing system ( Please contact us at any time upon noting this and forward the two receipts to our official email. The extra payment will be refunded to you as soon as possible.

Accidental two identical orders

If you accidentally place two identical orders and pay for them, please get in contact with us immediately to bring the situation to our attention before our writers start working on them. It is your your obligation to cancel any accidentally placed order before it is assigned to be worked on. Failure to cancel such orders in time will have them treated as regular orders to which standard refund procedures apply.

Lack of writer to work on order

We always strive to assign your order to the most suitable writer. However, though rarely, the preferred writer may not be available or free to work on your urgent order. In such case, we will give a full refund.
In the event that a suitable writer is not available to work on your request for revision of a completed order by a different writer, our Dispute Resolution expert shall review your request and reward a refund if you ask for it.

Late delivery of order

If the first draft is delivered past the original deadline, you have a right to request a recalculation of the order value in line with the deadline. For instance, a 6-hour delivery paper delivered an hour late falls into the 12-hour delivery category, and thus costs less. Your refund will be the difference in price. You are eligible to 7% refund upon request if a long-term paper (11 days or more) if it delivered late. Also, you may request for a full refund if the first draft of the order is delivered late and not approved by you.
All requests for refund due to lateness should be delivered in form of a note to your personal order page not more than 14 days after delivery of the paper.